AirSnore Review

AirSnore  – The Best Anti -Snoring Mouthpiece

Snoring isn’t just about the annoying noise that the snorer creates. It’s also about the adverse side effects that come with the intermittent or constant interruptions in proper breathing and restful sleep for both the snorer and their housemates, especially their sleep partners. These side effects include sleep deprivation, poor daytime functioning like drowsiness and tiredness, and increased risk of chronic degenerative diseases, even anxiety and depression.


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Do these things sound familiar because you’re also a snorer or your sleep partner is one? Do you or your sleep partner wake up with a sore throat, dry mouth, and headaches in the morning? Do you receive complaints that you snore too much, too loud, or too often?

If you answered yes to most or all of these questions, then you should consider using AirSnore on a regular basis!

What is AirSnore?

The AirSnore is an anti-snoring system consisting of two products – a mandibular device and a bottle of spray. This is manufactured by Bauer Nutrition, a company known for its reliability and its accreditation with the Food and Drug Administration.Enter your text here…

How Does It Work?

When you are sleeping, the muscles in your throat relax while your tongue falls backward. Your throat also becomes narrower and floppier, so to speak. These are involuntary or automatic actions made by your body, as is the case for your continued breathing even when you’re unconscious.

When you breathe, the walls of your throat also start vibrating, an action made even more noticeable because of the relaxed muscles in your throat. The vibration happens most during inhalations but it can also happen during exhalations. These vibrations cause the noise associated with snoring.

The volume of the snores depends on several factors, too. Basically, the narrower the throat (i.e., airway) becomes, the greater the vibrations in its walls and the louder the noise.

In people with sleep apnea, the walls of the throat completely collapse to the point that the airways are completely blocked for several seconds at a time. The affected person then has a strong tendency to snore long and loudly, aside from the fact that sleep apnea is in itself a serious medical condition that requires medical treatment.

Where does the AirSnore come into the picture? It’s simple but clever. The AirSnore mouthpiece, which can be customized for a perfect fit in your mouth, keeps your jaw slightly open while you sleep.

With your jaw slightly open, your upper airway will also be kept open even when the muscles in your throat are in a relaxed position and your tongue has fallen backward. You will then be able to breathe more easily because of your open airway that, in turn, prevents your snoring episodes.

But it isn’t just the mouthpiece at work! The AirSnore also has a second component – the bottle of spray made from several natural oils. The mixture offers relief from a wide range of symptoms that contribute to snoring, such as cough, colds, sinusitis, flu, and allergies.  When the oil is rubbed either on the outside of the nose or on the chest, it aids in clearing the airways and making breathing easier.

How it Works

AirSnore Video Demonstration

The Design & How Is It Different?

Suffice it to say that the fundamental concept behind the AirSnore mouthpiece has many similarities with other anti-snoring mouthpieces. But there are significant differences, too.

For one thing, the AirSnore isn’t your typical one-size-fits-all mouthpiece. This is made of a moldable thermoplastic so it can be adjusted easily and quickly for a perfect fit in your mouth. The mouthpiece features a boil-and-bite technology that allows it to be remolded several times, a convenient feature when the shape of your mouth changes for any reason (e.g., the installation or removal of dental appliances).

Most anti-snoring mouthpieces have a one-size-fits-all design, an unfortunate design flaw that causes improper positioning of the jaw, tongue, and even teeth. The result: The snoring isn’t dramatically reduced if at all, and the wearer wakes up with a sore jaw the morning after. These are a waste of time, effort, and money so sleep experts don’t recommend them for people with moderate to severe snoring issues.

For another thing, the AirSnore mouthpiece also has a breathing hole at its front part that allows for easy breathing through the mouth. Such a feature is particularly useful for people who have congestion issues in either the nose or sinus, as well as for people with nasal polyps and a deviated septum. Since breathing through the nose is an issue, breathing through the mouth makes it easier to maintain optimum oxygen flow into the lungs.

Since it fits perfectly over the front teeth, it also acts as a gum shield as well as keeps both the tongue and mandible in a forward position. By positioning the lower jaw slightly forward, it also prevents the muscles of your throat from completely collapsing. Your airways are then kept open, thus, creating an adequate space for air to flow in and out of your lungs.

Yet another thing that makes the AirSnore different from other anti-snoring mouthpieces is the AirSnore drops, as we will discuss in more detail in the next sections.

Making the AirSnore mouthpiece perfectly fit in your mouth is easy with the following steps:

  • In a bowl, soak the brand-new mouthpiece in hot water.
  • Let it sit for 5 minutes or so.
  • Remove it from the hot water and place it on a clean small plate to let it cool down.
  • While waiting, brush your teeth so that your mouth is free of food residues, among others that can affect the perfect fit of the mouthpiece.
  • When the mouthpiece is cool, place it inside your mouth and bite on it firmly.
  • Let the mouthpiece stay in your mouth for a minute to allow its thermoplastic material to mold to your mouth’s unique contours.
  • Take it out and then put it in cold water to allow its material to set.

If you haven’t worn an anti-snoring mouthpiece overnight before, you may find the AirSnore mouthpiece a bit unwieldy to wear for the first few sessions. Don’t worry as it’s the same experience you will have with a non-customized mouthpiece. But wear it regularly and properly and within a week or so, you will be more comfortable using it overnight.

If, for example, the contours of your mouth changed for any reason, you can remold the AirSnore mouthpiece.

Airsnore Combo Plan (Airsnore +AirSnore Drops)

As we previously mentioned, the AirSnore system comes with two products – the AirSnore mouthpiece and the AirSnore drops. The drops are especially formulated to provide significant relief from the symptoms of a clogged nose and sinus, as well as chest congestion. Together, these two products form the AirSnore Combo Plan.

The AirSnore mouthpiece is, of course, a must for people who snore but don’t dismiss the AirSnore drops either. The latter are especially formulated to provide soothing relief for clogged airways and, thus, get you to sleep easier and faster.

The Drops can be used in two ways:

  • Place a few drops on your chest and neck, as well as under your nostrils, before going to bed. You can use the drops as is (i.e., without the mouthpiece) and still enjoy the relief from your symptoms.
  • Use the drops together with the mouthpiece. Just pour a few drops of it on your chest, neck and nostrils before inserting the mouthpiece into your mouth.

While you can buy the AirSnore drops separately – you may not need the mouthpiece – we suggest buying both for optimum results.

Main Ingredients in Drops

According to the manufacturer, the AirSnore drops have five essential oils as the primary ingredients.

Sunflower seed oil, a source of tryptophan that aids in relieving the symptoms of mild depression and insomnia. It also acts as the carrier oil.

Eucalyptus leaf oil, an oil commonly used in clearing up nasal and sinus congestions, alleviate the symptoms of asthma, and decrease the inflammation of mucus membranes in the respiratory tract. It’s also used in dilating the blood vessels that, in turn, allows more oxygen flow into the lungs and eases breathing.

Lavender oil, which has numerous health benefits including the improvement of sleep quality (i.e., used as an adjunct treatment for insomnia), the relief of congestion mainly by loosening mucus, and as a de-stressor. It’s a common ingredient, too, in herbal formulations for the natural treatment of anxiety and depression.

Peppermint leaf oil, which aids in decongesting the airways and unclogging a blocked sinus. It is also widely used as a muscle relaxant and a natural painkiller, thus, its use in soothing aching muscles and sore throats. It even helps in calming the nerves and relieving nausea.

Scots pine leaf oil, which helps in loosening the mucus and clearing the phlegm in the lungs. When properly used, it helps in easier breathing, as well as in alleviating the symptoms of insomnia.

These ingredients were carefully mixed to ensure the best possible relief for its users according to its manufacturer.

Who Should Buy This Mouthpiece

If you snore, you will benefit from using the AirSnore mouthpiece! You can use it whether you are a mild snorer or a severe snorer since it can be fitted to your mouth’s unique contours.

And speaking of the types of snorers, sleep experts have classified snorers into three grades, namely:

Grade 1

This is characterized by relatively quiet and infrequent snoring. There’s actually no obstruction in the airways and the snoring is neither a serious condition nor cause medical problems. The regular use of the AirSnore mouthpiece will almost completely resolve the issue, if not solve it completely if the snoring isn’t caused by an underlying medical condition.

Grade 2

This is characterized by loud and frequent snoring, usually a sign of an airway obstruction. It can also be an indication of mild to moderate sleep apnea, as well as trigger other long-term health issues.

Grade 3

This is characterized by even louder and more frequent snoring that can wake up the neighbors, literally. But it isn’t a laughing matter even when it initially seems so. Grade 3 snoring can cause daytime functioning issues, such as drowsiness, tiredness, and irritability, as well as increase the risk for serious medical conditions like heart attacks, stroke and diabetes, usually from sleep deprivation and insufficient oxygen flow.

In all of these grades, regular and proper use of the AirSnore mouthpiece and drops will lead to dramatic improvements in symptoms. The AirSnore mouthpiece can be used by people who have dental appliances, such as bridges, implants, and dentures, too; be sure to consult with your dentist, however, if you have a dental appliance before using it.

People with the following conditions will also benefit from using both the AirSnore mouthpiece and drops:

  •  With sleep apnea regardless of the type and severity
  •  With sleep apnea that mainly occur while in a supine sleeping position
  •  With an intolerance for CPAP devices and treatment
  •  With health conditions that preclude surgery to clear the obstruction in their airways

But there are also people who are well-advised to avoid using the this anti snoring mouthpiece although they can use the drops. These include people with several or all of their natural teeth missing.


The combined cost of the AirSnore mouthpiece and drops is about $90 if you buy both as a system. But if you will buy them separately, you will spend about $50 for the mouthpiece and $60 for the drops.

Where To Buy

The AirSnore system can only be purchased at its official website.

How Long Will This Mouthpiece Last

We can’t say for sure the number of months that the AirSnore mouthpiece will last because there are several factors that affect its longevity. These include the number of times it will be used, the teeth grinding that may happen while wearing it, and the maintenance measures used on it. For most users, nonetheless, the mouthpiece lasts for 4 to 12 months.

To make it last long, you should clean the AirSnore mouthpiece after each use. Just soak it in cold water mixed with a pea-sized toothpaste for 10-15 minutes, and then let it air dry before using it again.

No Prescription Needed

There’s no need for a doctor’s or a dentist’s prescription when buying the AirSnore mouthpiece and drops. There’s also no need for a special fitting with your dentist since it has a boil-and-bite technology.

Conclusion and Recommendation

We highly recommend the AirSnore mouthpiece and drops because it’s such an effective anti-snoring system! The mouthpiece can be custom-fitted for optimum comfort, as well as safe to use and easy to clean. This also works well with people with dental appliances and lasts longer than many other anti-snoring devices.

Plus, we like that it actually works and for a reasonable price, too. Overall, the AirSnore mouthpiece and drops system is the best we have seen so far.