Best Anti Snoring Mouthpiece

Are you looking for the best anti snoring mouthpiece to help you cope with your snoring problems? Has the situation gotten so bad it’s affected your and your partner’s sleeping habits? If you answer yes to both questions then you do need a mouthpiece for snoring to help you deal with the issue.

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Snoring is a common problem and if it’s not treated soon enough could get worse to the point you wake up feeling tired and not as fully rested as you should be after sleeping. The good news is there are mouthpieces now available that have been designed specifically to deal with this situation. However the drawback is deciding which one to buy can be confusing. To help you out we have prepared a review of the top 3.

8 Best Anti Snoring Mouthpiece

There are probably hundreds of anti-snoring devices and mouthpieces in the market today but these three are at the top of the pack owing to their reliability and exceptional features. While these mouthpieces have the same function, their features differ.

1. Airsnore

Airsnore is one of the most popular snoring mouthpieces because it doesn’t require you to make a trip to the dental clinic to have it fit. If you’re always on the go, the last thing you need is to set up an appointment with a clinic just to use a mouthpiece, so that explains the Airsnore popularity. Unlike other mouthpieces you just need to wear it before going to bed.

How It Works

Airsnore works using a simple but clever approach: basically what it does is mold onto your mouth once you insert it. This pushes your jaw forward when you sleep, opening the airway that was blocked, allowing your breathing to resume its normal pattern.

Why Airsnore is Regarded as One of the Best

What makes Airsnore different from the rest is the ease with which you can use it. You can fit it by yourself at home, and after a few uses you should get used to it quickly. If it’s your first time to use this mouthpiece, dip the device in hot water for a few seconds and then put the mouthpiece on while biting.

Just keep biting the mouthpiece until it starts to cool and conforms to the shape of your mouth.  Do this one time and you will never have to do this again the next time you wear it.

There’s a sizable breathing hole in the middle so you can breathe from it. This is a nice safety feature and should put your mind at rest if you’ve never worn or used one of these devices before.

Another benefit of the Airsnore is its lightweight: one of the more common complaints with older anti-snore mouthpieces is they’re too heavy and make sleeping uncomfortable. With the Airsnore that isn’t a problem because it’s so light it doesn’t feel like there’s something pressing in your mouth.

The Major Benefits

  • Easy to fit in your mouth
  • The Airsnore doesn’t require a prescription
  • Easy to clean and is lightweight
  • Affordable
  • Doesn’t cause any side effects

If it’s your first time to use a snoring mouthpiece the Airsnore might take some getting used to, but it won’t take long.

Where To Buy

To ensure that you’ll get an authentic AirSnore product, it’s best to purchase directly from the AirSnore website. This product is very affordable already for an anti-snoring device so there shouldn’t be a lot of need to look for cheaper places to get them.

2. Good Morning Snore Solution

The Good Morning Snore Solution (GMSS) is another popular option for anti-snoring mouthpiece. It can be deemed as an alternative to the AirSnore as this item is classified as a TSD. With this design, it’s more about pulling your tongue forward instead of repositioning your jaw. Some find it more comfortable than other options.

An important thing to note about the GMSS is that it’s developed by sleep researcher and dental practitioner, Dr. Leslie Dort (MSc, DDS, Dip ABDSM). It also went through a clinical study that has proven its effectiveness. The research is published in a peer-reviewed medical journal Sleep and Breathing. In addition to these, it’s also one of the few FDA-cleared anti-snoring mouthpieces in the market today. So if you want something that is proven to work, this might do the trick.

How It Works

As a TSD, the Good Morning Snore Solution works by repositioning the tongue. It uses a suction effect to pull the tongue out slightly forward, just a little bit beyond the teeth. It also has a hilt-like design so it can hold the tongue in place.

With this design, the tongue will be prevented from collapsing to the back of your mouth. This will then prevent your airways from getting too crowded and create vibrations every time air passes through the soft tissues. It’s a very simple and effective concept.

Unlike AirSnore, GMSS doesn’t need to be molded to the measurements of the insides of your mouth. All you need to do is to hold the device by the bulb or the protruding part then place it against your teeth. Take out your tongue and insert it inside the device as you release the bulb. The change in pressure will create a suction which will help keep the device in place as you sleep. Once in place, you can already catch some shuteye.

Where To Buy

To ensure the authenticity, quality, and performance of the GMSS, it’s best to purchase it directly from the official website. It might be a bit pricey but the quality will not let you down.

3. VitalSleep

Looking for something that doctors actually recommend to their patients? It will fit the bill for you as this MAD is also a popular pick among medical professionals.

VitalSleep is an adjustable and customizable MAD but it doesn’t require a professional fitting session to get it started. It’s also available in two sizes to better guarantee a good fit.

How It Works

VitalSleep is a true mandibular advancement device as it can pull your jaw forward according to the adjustments you make on it. The device resembles the AirSnore in shape and design at first glance but it has a mechanical part that allows minute adjustments to the lower tray. It comes with a small allen wrench which is the primary tool you need to adjust the position of its lower tray.

The idea is, the further forward your jaw is, the more opening you’ll create in the back of your throat. It’s recommended to adjust the device in small increments so you can ease into wearing the oral appliance.

Using this device is also very simple. Since it’s a MAD, however, you’ll need to set it according to your mouth’s measurements. To ensure the wearer’s comfort, this device also comes with a moldable surface. Like with the AirSnore, you can mold your VitalSleep unit to your teeth by soaking it for about 30-60 seconds in boiling water then biting it down to create an impression of your pearly whites. After a few seconds, let it go and soak it for a few seconds in cold water to let the impression set.

Once that’s done, adjust the lower tray of the VitalSleep according to your requirements. Don’t try to push forward too much as that will make you uncomfortable. Make sure to adjust both sides as well to keep it balanced.

Where To Buy

VitalSleep has an official website where you can purchase their products directly. It’s best to purchase here to ensure the authenticity of the item you’ll get. They have promotional offers so you can still get great deals without any risks.

4. PureSleep

With Good Morning America as one of its endorsers, it’s going to be hard to not take PureSleep into consideration. Especially since it’s also FDA-cleared and dentist recommended, it’s no wonder it’s one of the top-rated anti-snoring mouthpieces in the market today.

PureSleep is an interesting take on MADs as it doesn’t use a mechanical feature but its lower tray is still easily adjustable. Through its slotting system, it can easily be configured to various positions and can even accommodate over and underbites. This makes it very versatile and suitable for a wider range of users.

How It Works

The concept behind PureSleep is simple: it’s a MAD so it’s meant to reposition your lower jaw to open up your airways. However, its execution is a bit different since it doesn’t use mechanical parts to move the lower tray.

Instead, the user will need to determine the bite type they have before anything else. This will determine how they will set up their unit. Once that’s done, the wearer can now adjust the unit accordingly so it will hold your jaw slightly forward from its natural position while you sleep.

Like with the VitalSleep, there are two kinds of adjustments that you need to do to use this device. First is its general configuration. You’ll need to slot the upper and lower trays together according to your bite type first.

Once that’s done, you need to mold it into the inside of your mouth by soaking the device into hot water for about 60 seconds then biting down on it to create an impression. Set the impression by placing the device in cold water after. Pop it inside your mouth before setting off to dreamland.

Where To Buy

Only purchases made directly from PureSleep’s website can promise authenticity and top-notch quality so it’s best to buy straight from the brand.

5. ZQuiet  

Not too excited about having something hard inside your mouth as you sleep? ZQuiet can then be a more attractive option for you. This anti-snoring mouthpiece is known for its use of a soft and flexible composite and its living hinge technology. These promise more comfort and easier breathing.

By definition, ZQuiet is a MAD but it’s approach at adjusting your lower jaw is different to the other items listed here. Instead of using mechanisms that make the device adjustable, they provide two sets of devices instead. One has a slight lower jaw advancement while the other one is more pronounced and forward. You can then opt which one to use depending on how severe your snoring case is.

How It Works

ZQuiet may be a bit confusing to use but the concept is very straightforward. As a mandibular advancement device, it’s just meant to pull the lower jaw forward. One device is meant for beginners and those with very mild cases of snoring as the lower jaw position is only slightly forward. The other is more advanced and is meant to be used once the snorer already got the hang of wearing a MAD in their sleep.

Unlike other MADs, there’s no need to mold and adjust this device so it’s rather fuss-free. However, it might not offer the perfect fit for everyone since it’s not adjustable and moldable.

As mentioned above, the use of this item is very easy. Just pop the mouthpiece inside your mouth and you’re good to go. If you haven’t tried using such devices before, it’s best to go for the starter pair with a slight advancement setting first to get used to wearing one. After a while, transition to the more advanced design so you can really open up your airways as you sleep.

Where To Buy

It’s never recommended to purchase the best anti snoring mouthpieces from unauthorized and unofficial websites. ZQuiet has their very own official website where you can directly purchase their products so we strongly recommend purchasing from their site.

6. SnoreRX

For the most advanced anti-snoring mouthpiece, you should check out SnoreRX. This MAD will let you tweak the position of its lower tray according to your needs without the use of any moving mechanism, making it very easy to use. It’s also clearly labeled, minimizing user error in its operation.

When it comes to MADs, SnoreRX is one of the best examples for its full range of features. It has a built-in calibrator with 1mm incremental adjustment, thermal matrix design, boil-and-bite fitting, and an open front to ensure continuous airflow.

How It Works

Since the SnoreRX is the definition of MAD, you can expect it to work like one. It will pull your lower jaw forward according to its setting which will then open up your air passages at the back of your throat. Setting it up is perfectly easy as you only need to apply pressure on the ends of the upper tray then slide the lower tray to your desired setting. Once done, you’re all good to go.

Using the SnoreRX is very straightforward. You first need to imprint your teeth into its upper and lower trays to ensure a tight and comfortable fit. You can do this using the same boil and bite method used in the other items mentioned above. Once that’s done, you need to adjust the lower tray according to your needs. The farther forward the lower tray is set, the more opening it can create in your air passageways.

Where To Buy

Many may get tempted to search for places that sell the SnoreRX for a lower price but don’t give in. The authenticity of the product cannot be guaranteed if you don’t buy from the official SnoreRX website.

7. Snoremeds

Snoremeds is a different type of mouthpiece that provides relief without the need for surgery or other expensive treatments. The mouthpiece is available in two sizes, one is the regular and the other is for women with smaller mouths. One of the nice things about the Snoremeds is they can be custom fitted to your mouth using the boil in water and bite method described earlier for the Airsnore.

Why Snoremeds is Regarded as One of the Best

What makes the Snoremeds handy is its ability to remove blockages in your airways without causing any side effects. You just need to put the Snoremeds in hot water for 18 seconds, bite it and it will mold into the contours of your mouth. Since the mouthpiece has been custom fitted to your mouth there’s no need to worry about the discomfort when you sleep.

Figuring out how the Snoremeds work isn’t difficult, and knowing how it functions will increase your appreciation for it. Once you’ve put the Snoremeds on it’s going to propel your lower jaw forward so the airways are cleared up so you can breathe normally again.

The way Snoremeds has been designed means you’ll be able to sleep at night without disturbing your partner. A the same time the mouthpiece allows your jaws to be positioned properly so it doesn’t cause any blockage while you’re sleeping. To put it simply, Snoremeds uses very basic principles to keep you from snoring, but it works.

Another thing going for the mouthpiece is it doesn’t need any calibration or adjustments. Once you’ve done the boil and bite process you can wear this on your mouth without any fuss, and that’s good to know.

Major Benefits

  • The mouthpiece is available in two sizes, regular and small
  • Comes with a 45 day money back guarantee
  • Cleaning only requires toothpaste and mouthwash
  • The holes in the mouthpiece lets you swallow
  • Can work for those with sinus problems

Any way you look at Snoremeds, there’s no question that it’s one of the top snoring mouthpieces today. But let’s take a look at one more mouthpiece for snoring.

8. Sleeppro

The Sleeppro mouthpiece sets itself apart from the rest by getting rid of your snoring problems without affecting the way you sleep. Unlike other mouthpieces, the Sleeppro goes after the main reasons why you’re unable to stop snoring. Not only can it handle different types of snoring issues, but the Sleeppro can deal with sleep apnea as well.

Why Sleeppro Regarded as One of the Best

The Sleeppro has become one of the top mouthpieces against snoring owing to its unique design. A quick look at its design shows that it’s effective when it comes to making sure your jaw is properly positioned and moreover, it comes with several hygienic benefits so the Sleeppro lasts longer compared to other types of mouthpieces.

In fact the design of the Sleeppro s so efficient that it’s now used by doctors and other medical practitioners because it’s effective in fighting off bacteria in your mouth. What makes the Sleeppro even better is it’s not that difficult to figure out how it works.

When you put the mouthpiece on, you can adjust the way it is set on your upper and lower jaws until it fits right. Once you have made the proper adjustment, the Sleeppro will set your jaw forward and also move your tongue so your throat’s airways don’t get blocked by tissues. It is this unique approach that makes the Sleeppro effective when it comes to stopping snoring. Even though it’s built according to basic principles, it works better than most other mouthpieces.

Main Benefits

  • Can be used for up to 2 years, longer than most mouthpieces
  • Has antimicrobial properties
  • Remains fresh even with long term use
  • Has additional hygienic properties compared to other snoring mouthpieces

The review above shows how versatile the Sleeppro is, but is it good enough to be considered as the best?

What is Anti Snoring Mouthpiece

There are lots of ways to deal with snoring, to be honest. However, not all of them promise quick solutions. The most common remedies include losing weight, making some lifestyle changes, and even making some structural changes in your air passage ways. They will take a while to offer positive results which can be a bit discouraging.

Anti-snoring mouthpieces, on the other hand, promise faster results. These oral appliances are designed to address the most common causes of snoring, so they can instantly provide positive results to many users.

What exactly is an anti-snoring mouthpiece, you might be wondering? In the simplest of terms, these are oral appliances that you put inside of your mouth to better open up your air passages when your muscles start to go lax.

As one of the most common causes of snoring is the restriction of airflow at the back of the throat due to the tongue falling back into the airways, slightly repositioning one’s tongue helps greatly in creating bigger spaces for the air to move in.

By doing this, the moving air from the sleeper’s inhaling and exhaling will not cause a vibration in the air passages and create the audible sound we know as snoring.

How Does an Anti Snoring Mouthpiece Work

Generally speaking, anti-snoring mouthpieces work by slightly repositioning the tongue like mentioned above. However, these oral appliances still come with different techniques in getting the job done. This is why it has two classifications: MADs and TSDs.

MADs or Mandibular Advancement Devices look like mouth guards that are used for sports but with a little extra detail sets them apart. Aside from covering the sets of teeth, they also normally come with a tongue holder area. This is because they also hold the tongue in place while it primarily pulls the jaw forward. This helps it keep the tongue from rolling back to the throat and crowding the air passages.

TRDs or Tongue Retaining Devices are more about pulling the tongue slightly forward so it also won’t roll back to the throat when the muscle relaxes as you fall asleep. Unlike MADs, this oral appliance does not require to be fitted inside your mouth so it’s more convenient and even affordable in some cases.

Both MADs and TSDs have their pros and cons, especially when it comes to comfort. This is why there’s really no telling which one is superior because some might prefer one over the other. They also have the same objective, so they shouldn’t be looked at as competing options.

Who Should Use a Snoring Mouthpiece

Snoring can be caused by a wide range of reasons so it’s not guaranteed that an anti-snoring mouthpiece will work on everyone. However, these oral appliances are best suited for quite a number of sleepers, especially the following:Enter your text here…

  • If you are overweight as this condition can also be caused by your weight.
  • If you only have mild to moderate sleep apnea.
  • If you typically sleep on your back.
  • If you only usually snore after having some alcoholic beverages.
  • If you have a pronounced overbite.
  • If your snoring is not caused by other ailments.

Why You Should Use an Anti Snoring Mouthpiece?

As you might already realize from the products and points discussed above, anti-snoring mouthpieces can be quite attractive for lots of snorers. They’re simply easier and more convenient to use than a CPAP machine, so they offer an amazing alternative to lots of people.

CPAP machines are proven to work for lots of snorers but they are rather clunky and expensive. Traveling with these devices can be quite tricky and since they’re electric-powered, they will limit your activities if you rely on them. The price can also be a setback for many as its upfront and usage costs can get quite high.

Anti-snoring mouthpieces, on the other hand, are very portable. They don’t require electricity to work so you can use them just about anywhere. They’re also not that pricey and are not complicated to set up. They can still be quite a bit uncomfortable to wear, especially at first but once you get the hang of it, you don’t have to worry too much about it anymore.

So yes, if there’s a good chance that an anti-snoring mouthpiece can work for you, make sure to give it a shot.

So Which Anti Snoring Mouthpiece is the Best?

All three snoring mouthpieces we have reviewed here are effective in their own right and worthy candidates for the title of being the number one mouthpiece for snoring. But since we have to choose one, we will give it to Airsnore. If you read the review above it should be clear by now why it’s much sought after, but there are other things we should point out.

First of all it’s really easy to use, and if the instructions given earlier were not clear, additional guidelines are provided when you buy the Airsnore. Second, many reviewers have attested to the fact that even on the first try you won’t feel uncomfortable. Third, the mouthpiece doesn’t just work for snoring but also if you’re suffering from a cold.

These Airsnore mouthpieces are also affordable and getting a custom fit doesn’t take too long. It should also be pointed out the product has a 60 day money back guarantee so if you’re not satisfied with the results you can get a refund. If you’re worried about the quality and manner by which Airsnore is made, there’s no need to be since it is made in an FDA approved facility.

Last but not the least, the reviews and feedback from customers have been very good and indicative of how good it is. Regardless of how severe your snoring is, the Airsnore is going to provide relief.

So after careful and thorough reviews of all three products, our conclusion is that Airsnore is the best snoring mouthpiece.  When you take into consideration all of its features, it’s easy to see why this is one of the most popular snoring mouthpieces online today and we highly recommend it.