Home Remedies To Stop Snoring

Does your partner or spouse often complain about your snoring? But are you wary of trying snoring solutions because one, these are pricey and second, you’re not convinced that these products are effective? Enter your text here…

home remedies to stop snoring

​If you answered yes to all these questions, then don’t worry as there are home remedies that you can try to stop snoring. And these home remedies have been proven effective in reducing or eliminating snoring.

​1.  Use a ​Tennis ​Ball.

​Bizarre as it may sound, using a tennis ball while sleeping can be a good solution to your snoring woes. It is particularly effective if you’re the type of person who sleeps mostly on the back.

​Put a tennis ball in a shirt pocket of an old shirt. Then sew it to the mid-back of a pajama top, which you would wear when sleeping.

​The idea is that the discomfort from the tennis ball forces you to go back on your side when you roll over. So you will go back on your side without actually waking up.

​2. Lose ​Weight

​If snoring is a problem, then try to lose a couple of pounds. This is particularly true if you were not a bad snorer before you gained weight.

​What is the relationship between excess pounds and snoring? Excess body fat on the body particularly around the neck can put a lot of pressure on the airways. This partial airway restriction causes snoring.

​One way to determine if you are overweight is to check your body mass index or BMI. Simply divide your weight by height.  If the number is greater than 25, then you are overweight. If the number is greater than 30, then you are obese. ​

​​There’s really no difference because in both instances, you have to lose weight so that you won’t be snoring so loudly. Losing weight can also help you in the long run because you can lower your risks of diseases associated with obesity like heart disease and diabetes.

​3. Change The Way You Sleep

​Changing the way you sleep can also do wonders and potentially stop snoring.

​For example, try to elevate the head of your bed by placing a couple of flat boards under the legs at the upper end of the bed. This trick should raise the bed a couple of inches.

​Or you can get a couple of extra pillows and prop yourself up, instead of lying flat on your back. This way, you can prevent the tissues in your throat from falling into the air passages.

​You can also invest in a couple of supportive pillows that can enable you to place your neck for a good sleeping position.  There are lots of pillows that are supposedly designed for this purpose.

​Or you can sleep on your side. Sleeping on your back can make you snore because in that position, the tongue and soft palate can fall back and block the airways.  While there’s no guarantee that you will remain sleeping in that position, you can start by sleeping with your arms wrapped around a pillow.  Or try the tennis ball technique mentioned earlier.

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​4. Do ​Some ​Housekeeping

​Cleaning your room can be fun and helpful in preventing snoring, too. Making your room spick and span can keep allergens like dust, pollen, and animal dander away. These allergens may be causing congestion and irritate your airways, contributing to your snoring in the process. You should also change your air filters regularly.

​5. Open ​Nasal ​Passages

​You can also prevent snoring by keeping nasal passages open, especially if your snoring starts in the nose.

​There are several ways to open your nasal passages. One, hit the shower room before going to bed. Steam from the shower can thin out the mucus in the nose, and even reduce inflammation.

​You should also drink liquids, from water, tea, sports drink, and even sports juice to keep hydrated. This should thin out the mucus in the nasal passages, decreasing pressure in the sinuses and pushing fluids out of the nose.

​As you have learned, there are lots of ways for you to prevent snoring. Why don’t you try these techniques so you can get a more restful sleep tonight?