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Achieving silent nights don’t have to require lots of money and complicated devices. PureSleep is an anti-snorning mouthpiece that is affordable and easy to work with so it can be a great option for you.Enter your text here…

puresleep anti snoring mouthpiece

​Dealing with snoring can be a tricky thing to do but you can always start small with the help of the best anti-snoring devices. Not all of them may work on you, however, so it’s best to be careful in choosing which products to try. PureSleep promises to be one of the best there is right now and after getting a feature at Good Morning America, its credibility and reliability was established. If you’re interested in learning more about this product, here’s a quick review that will tell you more about this item.

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​What is PureSleep?

​Let’s start with the basics: what exactly is PureSleep? Classified as a MAD or a mandibular advancement device, PureSleep is a highly popular anti-snoring device that doesn’t require professional fitting and installation. It’s a non-prescription device that you can easily set up and use on your own to help you deal with snoring.

​PureSleep is best characterized as a two-piece mouthpiece made of high-quality non BPA and latex-free plastic with moldable gel parts to ensure comfortable wear. It’s key characteristic is the way it’s designed as you can completely take the unit apart. The two pieces are made of the lower and upper trays which you can slot together in different variations. This allows you to adjust the device to perfectly fit inside your mouth and guarantee your comfort.

​It should also be noted that the PureSleep is designed to accommodate under and overbites. With such a design, it promises to offer a more comfortable wear which is always a plus with MADs. Oral appliances of this sort are notorious for the discomfort they can bring for the first few days to weeks of wear and if they don’t really fit well, so having such a detail can be helpful to a lot of people.

​How Does ​Work?

​Like other MADs, PureSleep works by repositioning your lower jaw while you sleep. By doing this, your soft tissue muscles will not fall back into your throat which can then crowd it up and limit the space for airflow. With more space for air movements, the soft tissues do not have to vibrate as air squeezed past them. This will then eliminate snoring.

​Unlike other adjustable MADs, however, PureSleep needs to be set up right before you mold an impression of your teeth on it. You need to assemble it to the configuration you need before you do anything with it. This can be a bit tricky but don’t fret since the moldable parts can be reconfigured later on. However, you will still need to know your bite type first before you can set up this device.

​About The Makers

​PureSleep started out as a medical anti-snoring device created by dentist Dr. Douglas Fenton, DDS and EENT specialist Dr. Bernard “Buzz” Kramer, MD. With their combined expertise, they were able to prescribe this oral appliance to their patients for a decade. They initially charged $400 per piece which is a serious amount of money.

​The Pure Sleep Company that we know now was born later on when founder and CEO Noel Lindsay met the two doctors to treat his snoring. He then saw the potential for the oral appliance and helped the makers license and make them more widely available. With this move, the PureSleep we know now has been born. It’s now very accessible and affordable without compromising its performance.

​The Main Benefits of PureSleep

​What are the advantages of using PureSleep, you might be wondering? Here are some examples:

​1. It’s design is well-thought-out.

​One of the most stand out features of PureSleep is it’s design. While it also looks like a sports mouthpiece like most MADs, this shouldn’t be surprising since it is a MAD. The mouthpiece format is the easiest execution to reposition the lower jaw so it employs the same technique. Its details, however, make it different.

​For starters, it’s very easy to adjust, thanks to its removable parts. You only really need to take it apart and put it together to calibrate the jaw advancement so it’s really simple to work with.

​It also promises an excellent fit with its design. As it can accommodate different bite types, those who have struggled with other MADs and TRDs due to their over or underbites might find this a more suitable choice. It can also work with partial dentures and implants so you don’t have to worry about pains or serious discomfort when wearing this if you have such items in.

​2. There are no mechanical parts that make it very bulky or can cause it to fail faster.

​It should also be noted that there are no movable mechanical parts in PureSleep unlike other MADs. To adjust its fit and settings, you only need to use the slots that connect the upper and lower trays.

​As a result, you don’t have to worry about breaking small parts when wearing them. So if you also have bruxism and you grind your teeth in your sleep, you don’t have to worry about destroying this item while you’re in dreamland. It can wear down this anti-snoring mouthpiece faster but you won’t render it useless in just a few wears.

​3. This product is made in the USA.

​Guaranteeing its quality construction and materials is the fact that it’s made in the USA. From the design to the construction, this item is proudly American product.

​4. PureSleep is FDA-cleared.

​PureSleep is one of the few oral appliances that are FDA cleared to work as a remedy for snoring. This is why it’s one of the best anti-snoring mouthpiece options in the market today as it has passed the agency’s review.

​5. It offers great value for the money.

​As mentioned above, the predecessor of PureSleep was initially sold for $400 a pop. That’s a lot of money but since we’re talking about sleep aids here, it can still be considered as a reasonable amount since they’re prescribed and made by doctors.Enter your text here…

​Based on this alone, you can already say that the product is now a bargain compared to what it went for before. In addition to this, the refinement of the design and the use of high-quality materials also give it more bang for the buck.

​How to Set-Up the Device

​Setting up PureSleep is very simple and easy. It comes with an instructional manual that you should read and follow before you start tweaking with your unit. The general idea, however is quite straightforward and only requires the following:

​1.    Determine your bite type in order to configure the oral appliance accordingly.

​2.    Position your lower jaw forward and take a look at how far forward you can place the lower tray.

​3.    Slot the lower and upper trays together once you’ve figured out the measurements you need.

​4.    Boil a cup or so of water and submerge your device for up to 60 seconds.

​5.    Take out the device and let it cool a bit for at least 15 seconds then place it inside of your mouth the way you’re going to wear it in your sleep. Bite down for 15 to 30 seconds then remove the device from your mouth. Run it under or soak it in cold water to set your teeth’s impression.

​6.    Trim excess material.

​7.    Dry it out and place it inside its clean container and it’s all ready to be used.

​8.    If it doesn’t fit well, you can repeat this process three times more.

​Mouthpiece Design & Material

​As mentioned above, PureSleep employs a similar design to other MADs that resemble sports mouthpieces. It looks slightly sleeker and more modern with its sleek corners but it still looks like an athletic mouthpiece, especially if you’re not familiar with anti-snoring mouthpieces. The fact that it can be dismantled to two pieces is also not very obvious at first glance.

​As for its materials, PureSleep is composed of thermoplastic on the outside and some BPA and latex-free hard plastic on the inside. This makes it more durable and guarantees to keep its shape for a longer period of time.

​Who Should Buy This Mouthpiece

​Lots of people with mild to moderate cases of snoring will find this device useful and effective in reducing the noise they make when asleep. It is not recommended, however, for the treatment of sleep apnea. If you are diagnosed with the said condition, this product might not be the solution for your sleep problem.

​Maintenance Requirements

​There are no specific tasks that you have to take on for the upkeep of a PureSleep unit. This makes it very easy to work with as you don’t really need to fuss with it too much.

​However, you will still need to wash it six days a week. Doing this is very simple as you only really need to soak it in some warm water. You can also do a deep clean once a week by adding some toothpaste or denture cleanser to your warm water soak then scrub it down using a toothbrush.

​How Long Will This Mouthpiece Last

​Since PureSleep is made with pretty durable material, it’s said that it can last for six to nine months. However, as mentioned above, if you grind your teeth in your sleep, it can more quickly wear the anti-snoring mouthpiece down. In such cases, it might be better to get the discounted bundle that PureSleep offers for purchasing two units in one go so you’ll have a backup ready on hand.

​Do I Need to Wear this Mouthpiece All the Time?

You only need to wear PureSleep when you go to bed. There’s no need to wear it at home if you’re not going to sleep.Enter your text here…

​Can I Wear PureSleep with Dentures?

​We have mentioned above the PureSleep can be worn with partial dentures and implants. However, if you wear full dentures that you don’t remove every night, it might be best to seek your dentist’s opinion first before using this anti-snoring device. This is especially true if you have gum problems.

​No Prescription Needed

​A very important point to note about PureSleep is that prescription is not needed to purchase this item. It may have been solely distributed as a prescription medical device back in the day but this is no longer required. You can now easily purchase this device even without a note from your doctor.


​While this item is not cheap per se, it’s pricing is one of the best compared to the other top-rated anti-snoring products in the market. With the quality and functionality that it can offer, it will give you excellent value for your money. Shipping is also free, so that’s a great plus.

​However, if you suffer from bruxism, it might not last for as long as you might want it to. Take this into consideration as well.


​This MAD promises instant results and that it can work on 9 out of 10 folks. It has a 60-day money-back guarantee so you don’t have to worry about your investment if it did not work for you. The coverage in itself is generous and shipping the item back is simplified by the manufacturer. Each order comes with individualized, postage-paid return shipping labels so you don’t have to go through hoops just to send back an item.

​Before you send back the item, however, buyers are recommended to get in touch with the manufacturer first. User error is pretty common when it comes to these things so you might only really need to tweak the fit or use of the PureSleep mouthpiece to make it work for you.

​Where To Buy PureSleep Mouth Guard?

​PureSleep is sold at its official website but it’s also being sold in other places online. The manufacturer warns that there are a number of fakes and imitations in the market today so it’s best to be cautious when making a purchase. If you will want to ensure the authenticity of the unit you’ll get, buying directly from their website will be the best course of action.

​Conclusion and Recommendation

​With everything said about the PureSleep and its numerous positive feedback, it can be said that it’s truly one of the best anti-snoring mouthpieces and devices in the market today. It’s details make it very easy to use and maintain while making it very effective. It also has several stand out features that make it a preferable choice for some.

​So if you’re looking for a mandibular advancement device that is affordable, durable, and easy to work with, give PureSleep a shot.